Vision and Values

We are pleased and proud to be part of the exciting journey to your new home.

All of us at Bachar Group have one common denominator, which is the strong desire and constant determination to get you to your home, in the full meaning of the word “home”. This is the passion that motivates us.
We get up in the morning in order to do business differently. Integrity and professionalism are our guiding lights.
Each member of the company exemplifies our ironclad rule, that it is possible both to profit and to give you, our customers, more.
It’s important for all of us that at the end of the long process – which for us only begins with the signing of the apartment purchasing agreement, and ends with receipt of the key – we arrive together, happy and satisfied.
We will walk together with you professionally and bring along a wealth of construction experience and much sincere and genuine desire for you to be satisfied.
Along the way, you will find us to be a respectable company that will move forward to realize your dream with abundant goodwill, dedication, tolerance, and flexibility in the face of any problem, and with a great deal of motivation.

Our desire throughout the entire process is to bring you to the completed and perfect home you have been longing for. To achieve your complete satisfaction, our motivation and motto embody our company values founded upon:

Our ability to get someone who has bought an apartment from us to the finish line, with exactly the same intensity and power as at the beginning of the process, is based on the passion shared by all company personnel.
That passion is what gets our customers to their new apartment, with the same freshness as at the beginning of the journey. It is this passion that allows us to fulfill your dream and to continue being with you and at your side all along the way, and in all the places that are so important to you.

Life around us is fast and complex. We deal every day with excess information and a lot of background noise.
This is part of our expertise.
We are committed to making sure that in anything we do, we will make your life and the work processes simpler. We will ensure that the relationship between us will be ongoing, simple, and with no effort on your part – we are with you. We will give you clear and fair solutions to any issue that arises. This way you will arrive at your destination more easily and with peace of mind.

You are surrounded by dozens and hundreds of corporations and companies. In today’s world, it is difficult to put your trust in them; this much is clear. We are coming from a different place. A proven place of fairness, integrity, and consideration of others. Of the person standing in front of us. We believe that we are worthy of your trust, and we will do everything we can to justify it. We will speak to you in a down to earth, direct, and open manner. You will know everything and we will hide nothing from you.

And most important – we will never make a promise that we won’t be able to keep.