Engineering & construction company


The Bachar Group’s engineering and construction company was founded based on a managerial conception advocating the concentration of all projects under one roof, at the parent company. Thus it becomes possible to execute the construction process in a simple and more efficient manner, without unnecessary complications or complexities, to the benefit of the end customers – apartment buyers.
The company takes responsibility for and executes the construction processes all along the way – from the initial planning phase, to the construction itself, till the apartments are delivered to the company’s customers. Everything is done with constant quality control and thorough and careful attention to the customers’ needs.
The company employs expert professionals who are well-skilled and experienced in their fields – engineers, supervisors, and project managers with a wealth of professional experience in the residential construction industry.
The company prides itself on uncompromising construction quality, professionalism, efficiency, promptness concerning schedules, and optimal service, with its most basic rule being: our customers are central.

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